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 CUTTINGS originally came about in 2006, through a lifelong love of two main creative passions in the daily life of a small, young family living in the beautiful Macedon Ranges. Creative cooking and bespoke gardening have always been the cornerstones and historic glue of this Canadian/Australian family. 

When dreams sparked and took shape with the opening of a small shop in the hamlet of Romsey, 

the idea of 'cuttings in the kitchen' and 'cuttings in the garden' became the inspiration for the new bricks and mortar namesake. Over the years, CUTTINGS grew and evolved to 3 shops in the Macedon Ranges, with an even stronger emphasis on Fashion; another generational passion of the family. Eventually, the business evolved into a true Lifestyle brand; reflecting the seasonal uniqueness and special beauty of the Macedon Ranges.

Now operating solely out of its beautiful, red awning clad Woodend shop, the family still carries the passion and unique creativity from those early days in Romsey, Victoria. If you've ever popped into our High St Woodend shop, you've experienced our love for creating a retail environment that is truly seasonal, sensory laden, and creatively unique. Each corner and every display has been thoughtfully and lovingly merchandised; ultimately holding its very own 'sense of place.' We love to draw on all the senses to create a seasonal story, which we hope brings joy to all who wander in...

We have now taken all theses elements and infused them into CUTTINGS Lifestyle Online, creating a beautiful, bespoke approach to online shopping. We offer a unique shopping experience to enjoy in the comfort of your own 'home haven...'

We invite you to now sit back and go on a journey with us.

Please take your time to explore our online selection, which represents only a small sampling of what's in store for the current season. 

We welcome you with gratitude to the new world of CUTTINGS Lifestyle Online. 

Enjoy x

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